Meet the team!

Ali Mehdi
Co-founder and CEO

Ali is a Co-Founder and CEO at Pytri. A data scientist with a Bachelor degree in Molecular Biology and a background in Computer Science. His work has involved building a COVID-19 strain detector using AI, optimizing biological data-flows and applying cellular morphology detection using advanced object detection algorithms. He has a profound interest in merging biological tools, more specifically tailored to counting biological entities. 

Valentina Goanta
Co-Founder and COO

Valentina has completed her undergraduate degree at Concordia University, specializing in Cell and Molecular Biology. She is very interested in the translational approach of bioinformatics and computational biology, as well as artificial intelligence and how it can aid in the medical field. She is working on the business development and marketing of Pytri.

Michelle Goanta
Co-founder and CFO

Michelle is a co-founder and CFO at Pytri. Michelle was awarded a Bachelor of Science specializing in Cell and Molecular Biology from Concordia University, where she discovered her passion for business development in the biotechnology sector. Her expertise varies from working in clinical laboratories during the COVID-19 pandemic, to developing her own NGO in Romania which focuses on academic advising.  

Abhinav Batra

Abhinav is in his final year studying Computer Engineering at Concordia University. His work professionally currently focuses on full stack web development, but he also enjoys working on personal projects related to embedded systems and microcontrollers. Outside of school and work, Abhinav is also an active member of Concordia’s IEEE association as VP secretary, holding him responsible for planning club events and promote the studies of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Farzana Ahamed
Research Associate

Farzana is a third-year undergraduate student in Cell & Molecular Biology. Her interests include computational biology as well as biomedical devices and its applications in medicine. She currently works with the data and research aspects of Pytri to help drive overall product development.