Meet the team!

Ali Mehdi
General Coordinator & Programming Lead

Ali obtained his B.Sc. Specialization in Biology from Concordia University and is the founder of Pytri. He has interests ranging from computational biology and machine learning to workflow automation. When it comes to laboratory methodologies, he is keen on finding and building more efficient structures, hence the idea of cell counting automation. Ali enjoys hiking, reading and playing his guitar around a campfire.

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Zaki Alasmar
Prototype Research & Development

Zaki is a graduating honours student in Behavioural Neuroscience. He conducts research at the Neural ABC and Penhune labs. He hopes to pursue graduate studies in computational neuroscience using neuroimaging techniques to model the human brain. He is interested in the development of open-source tools that use machine learning algorithms. In his free time, Zaki enjoys reading philosophy and dystopian fiction. He also holds interests in art and photography.

Felipe Perez
Prototype Design & 3D Modelling

Felipe has a background in Mechanical Engineering with experience in the aerospace industry. His passion for synthetic biology made him join a Master's program at Concordia University. He is currently part of the Potvin and Shih laboratories where he works with microfluidics and optics to tackle technological challenges in biology. In his free time, Felipe enjoys learning about science and technology to generate new project ideas that can help his community.

Valentina Goanta
Business Outreach & Market Research

Valentina is a fourth year undergraduate student in Cell & Molecular Biology. She is very interested in the translational approach of bioinformatics and computational biology, as well as artificial intelligence and how it can aid in the medical field. When she is not studying or working, Valentina is following her other passions: skiing, creative writing and photography. She is currently working to set up an NGO in Romania that will help high school students apply to universities abroad.

Kieu-Nhi Vu
Administrator & Financial Coordinator

Kieu-Nhi completed a B.Sc. in Biology and a minor in Literature. She is President of the Biology Student Association and former captain of the Concordia Tennis Team. Her honours thesis focused on urban ecosystem services, and she has experience in data and spatial analysis. Kieu-Nhi's leadership and analytical skills will guide Pytri both in its internal and outreach activities. She loves sports, late sunsets and learning about ongoing social and environmental crises.

Michelle Goanta
Social Media Manager & Event Planning

Michelle is a third year Cell & Molecular Biology student, who grew a deeper passion for the fields of science, technology and business and how these cross over. If she’s not in a lab, Michelle is probably working for the NGO she also founded to reform education in her home country. In her free time, she is busy looking for other interests, from ballet and skiing to space exploration and formula 1 racing.

Felix Lambert
Data & Lab Technician

Felix recently received his B.Sc. Specialization in Biology from Concordia University. He is currently planning on teaching at Innalik School in Northern Quebec. With multiple years working in National Park technical services, a passion for gardening and a love for the practical aspects of biology, Felix's main research interests are in the fields of botany and entomology. He is currently involved with Pytri as a Lab Technician and Data Informatician.